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Visit the Vikings in 2014

  • 10 Jun 2021 15:42
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Every time Gaberlunzie considers SEO (search engine optimisation) he gets the weary feeling that he probably should go and see what Google is up to now, as it is intent on continually changing the rules to maximise its revenue leaving minimal crumbs to sites. Then too, he is reliable informed that planting key words currently is very frowned on, and can be a site's kiss of death re Google ranking.

So When the Napier marketing blog  (tactics to get your subject noted) arrives offering a "Keywords of KILLER Subject LInes: Infographic  and the fact that that " Alert"  and "Breaking," will boost your open and click through rates by up to 77.6%,he though rather sadly how some poor words get so used and abused and overused as to be unbelievable, and how come  we don't have sufficient innovation to produce new hybrid ones whose novelty will draw immediate interest?

However,  because he has a soft spot for infographics, and Napier's  blog created one to enlighten you on the keywords you should be using in headlines (of emails) and those from whom  IAB.Net think you should steer clear.  He can only comment that the business of reversed-out text is fine, but the ginger one is so wishy washy, as to demand a brandnew set of eyes!!

And  if you really want a really sweated  SEO Infographic try Google & Collatoral Damage!  Now that's awesome!!


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