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Types of video projectors

  • Jun 16, 2022
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If many brands sell video projectors today, at present, several types of video projectors are sold on the market: from ultra short throw, to Wi-Fi models through portable and 4K devices, models do not miss ! But what are the differences between these different products? Here are some points of comparison.

1. Cheap video projector

Ideal for small budgets, inexpensive projectors are fairly simple models in themselves. Unlike high-end devices, inexpensive projectors offer standard options and not extensive. On the other hand, the quality is there and with this type of video projector, you will be able to make the most of your media.

Inexpensive projectors are also models that can be carried anywhere. On the other hand, the materials used for their design are sometimes light. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to each transport.

A cheap video projector as a whole is an interesting model and offers significant advantages. With such a device, you can connect all kinds of devices thanks to the connectivity offered.

The inexpensive video projectors are therefore interesting products for people wishing to take advantage of the advantages of such a device without spending a large sum of money. Very practical and versatile, these devices offer satisfactory image and sound quality. With a product of this type, you will enjoy watching your viewing anywhere. Small flaw, however: some inexpensive projectors have a limited native resolution. Sometimes, you have to use them in a dark room for a better visual rendering.

2. Portable video projector

Les vidéoprojecteurs portables sont intéressants pour les personnes souhaitant utiliser leur appareil ailleurs qu’à leur domicile. Ils sont également idéals pour celles partant souvent en déplacement et ayant aussi besoin d’un vidéoprojecteur lors de leurs voyages.

Un videoprojecteur portable est une version nomade d’un vidéoprojecteur classique. Son principe est le même : émettre des images de qualité sur un mur.

Les vidéoprojecteurs portables sont des modèles légers, compacts et souvent sans fil. Ils sont aussi dotés de plusieurs ports permettant de relier plusieurs périphériques.

Aujourd’hui, plusieurs types de vidéoprojecteurs portables sont proposés. La gamme est donc assez complète et les différents modèles permettent de répondre à tous les budgets.

Like other projector models, portable projectors have some interesting advantages:

  • They are easily transportable.
  • They are simple to use: their installation only requires a few seconds.
  • They don't need electricity: equipped with a battery, portable projectors can be used without worrying about having an electrical outlet nearby.

As indicated beforehand, portable video projectors are offered at all prices. Regarding their use, portable video projectors are suitable both for viewing a film and for watching a presentation.

3. Mini video projector / Pico-projector

Mini projectors or pico-projectors are the miniature version of classic video projectors. Like traditional video projectors, pico-projectors offer their users interesting features and good performance.

Compact, these models fit perfectly into a room and can be installed anywhere. Their small dimensions allow them to blend into the space and not take up too much space. A mini video projector is therefore all-purpose!

Suitable for people who want a discreet device or who have very little space to position it, the pico-projector will offer you good visual and sound quality, despite its compact size. Depending on the model, a mini video projector will offer you a native resolution, brightness or even an interesting contrast. Thanks to these performances, you will be able to watch your media in the best possible conditions.

Pico-projectors are therefore interesting models both from a performance point of view and from a design point of view. All-purpose, these devices do not take up space and offer good qualities to their users.

If you are looking for a mini video projector, there are several devices to choose from. On the price side, the diversity of prices will allow you to find a product that fits your budget and perfectly meets your expectations.

4. 4K video projector

The projectors 4K offer a resolution four times that of Full HD camera bodies. With such a projector, the image quality is therefore exceptional. To create a cinema atmosphere, these devices are ideal!

4K video projectors are therefore models offering an incredible projection surface. These devices will allow you to be immersed in your views and thanks to their light weight, you can enjoy them even when traveling or on vacation.

Besides exceptional visual quality, a 4K projector is also a device offering good sound quality. On such a model, the quality is at the rendezvous and thanks to its performance, a 4K video projector will allow you to be 100% immersed in your viewing.

Today, several brands have embarked on the design of 4K video projectors. Both reliable and of good quality, these models are ideal for those wishing to enjoy a home theater experience. With a device of this type, you will not be disappointed and the projected image will undoubtedly satisfy you!

Depending on your budget, you will easily find a 4K projector that meets your expectations.

To help you choose, do not hesitate to take a look at our comparison.

5. Full HD video projector

With a Full HD projector, you will enjoy very good image quality. The colors reproduced are natural and the image is fluid for you to fully enjoy your viewing. Unlike products that do not have Full HD, projectors with this technology offer incredible light output and when you use them for the first time, you will simply be amazed by the quality offered by the device. In addition, most Full HD projectors are compact, in other words they do not take up space when installed. These devices therefore offer interesting advantages allowing their users to operate them without constraints.

Ideal for people wishing to live a cinema experience at home, Full HD video projectors will allow you to dive into the heart of your film or find yourself just a few meters from the players of a sporting event. Full HD video projectors are therefore efficient models with undeniable advantages.

With such a device, you will be at the heart of the action and feel the effects of your viewing for sure!

If you want to enjoy good image quality, the Full HD projector is the one for you!

6. Short throw projector

For several years now, short throw projectors have been very successful. Increasingly used, these models allow you to display a large image in a small room. With a model of this type, you will therefore be able to watch a large image while positioning your device close to the screen.

A short throw projector is easy to use. Its main asset? Project all kinds of media on a big screen in even a small room. The short-throw projector is therefore installed close to the screen, which provides better light output. With such a product, there is also no shadow, since no one will get between the screen and the device. The visual quality will therefore be good and thanks to the large projected image, everyone will be able to enjoy the viewing.

If you want to buy a short throw projector, you will find one quite easily. In addition, the prices of these devices vary. You will be able to find one in accordance with your budget.

A short throw projector is therefore an interesting product which offers its users a very large image as well as a better rendering. With such a device, the whole family will be able to enjoy the movie or the like.

7. LED video projector

The term LED refers to the lamp used in the projector. The latter is widely used today.

The acronym LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Projectors with an LED lamp are more compact, but less bright compared to conventional projectors. However, these models are efficient and have many advantages on various points.

In particular, LED video projectors offer a lamp whose lifespan exceeds that of other video projectors. Such a device is also famous for its light weight and compactness. It can therefore be transported from anywhere without difficulty.

On the other hand, an LED video projector offers a limited brightness compared to conventional video projectors. Unlike other models, however, LED projectors are quieter. This is due to the fact that the LED lamp does not heat up much. Result: The cooling system is small and the noise emitted by the device is minimal.

Today, LED lamps are mainly used on pico-projectors, models without a ventilation system.

As you can see, LED projectors have some interesting advantages, but also some disadvantages to consider. If you want to buy one, note that the price range is attractive and allows you to find a device within your budget.

8. WiFi video projector

Unlike many other projectors, the Wi-Fi projector is not suitable for home theater use, but rather for business use.

With a Wi-Fi projector, forget about tangled wires. The projection is done wirelessly. With such a device, you can therefore move around without any problem.

But how do you use a Wi-Fi projector? In fact, a USB key fits into the housing of the device. Thanks to this system, your presentations or others can therefore be projected using a very simple USB key. The latter can also be used on a computer to also benefit from Wi-Fi.

The Wi-Fi projector is therefore a very practical device that allows you to say goodbye to intertwined cables. This device can be carried under the arm and can be used simply thanks to the wireless network.

Today, several types of Wi-Fi projectors are available on the market. Depending on how much you want to spend, the price range is on average between 1000 and 1600 euros. It's up to you to choose the model that suits you best and that fits your budget.

As stated, Wi-Fi projectors are great for businesses, but not for people who want a home theater feel at home.

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