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SOS adopts the SMS: have you?

  • 22 Jul 2021 00:31
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The answer urges Livingston-based Hay Systems Ltd (HSL) is an SMS service. Established in 1999 byMark Hay (right) as a mobile messaging service, it has expanded into offering GSM base station and the Femtocell infrastructure as an independent global mobile network operator, it feels strongly that the SMS emergency messaging service's time has come.

On the eve of the Barcelona GSMA Mobile World congress which HSL will be attending, you might expect the communications operator to be waving the latest and newest kit at prospective customers.

Instead, its most recent Blogs  are pointing out that the apparent increasing extremes in global weather is creating a new worker alert market for the Short Messaging Service (SMS) and it cites Indonesia where the Newmont Mining Corporation uses the HSL service it to trigger its tsunami warnings to staff.

Closer to home, Dartmore Search & Rescue have used the HSL AlertBroadcast solution now for five years, with SMS messaging replacing their paging call out system.

The SMS message is sent out to a broadcast number, which automates a call out message to team members. They then respond by sending attendance confirmation.

The SMS also provides Dartmoor Search and Rescue Group with a means to communicate with members on a regular basis, not just in emergency.

"SMS text messages allow you to personalise messages to individual staff or send an immediate message to all staff at the same time. You can keep them updated on weather situations or communicate about individual work requirements," says (right)  HSL COO, Lynne Prowse.

"Text messaging has the highest open and read rates over email and other forms of communication. A recent study finding that text messaging opening rates were above 92% - and of these, 65% were read within five minutes, 85% within an hour.

"And it’s cheap too," adds Barbara Wallace, marketing and sales executive. "For just a few pence each, it’s possible to send bulk texts to your employees and keep your business alive and thriving whatever the situation."

With offices in Livingston and Munich, HSL will be at Barcelona GSMA. And it’s on the cards that they will likely follow that up with an appearance at London Olympia's United Communications Expo in the first week of March, Shanghai in June with the mid October GITEX in Dubai.

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