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Some broadband for Berwickshire

  • 22 Jul 2021 04:38
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The funding reports Berwickshire News  is delivered through LEADER, part of Scotland Rural Development Programme.

The Borders was one of only five successful groups out of 13 who submitted bids for funding. John Lamont, (right) who has voiced concern over lack of quality broadband for Berwickshire said while there was some way to go in improving matters for all the region’s computer users, the funding was a step in the right direction.

Scottish Borders Council’s Economic Development team collaborated with a number of communities to assess the feasibility of upgrading bandwidths and four bids comprised the application to the Scottish Government.

Councillor Vicky Davidson, (left) Scottish Borders Council executive member for Economic Development said that as well as making an immediate impact, the funding for the region should help raise its profile when it comes to further broadband improvements in the home.

She commented: “There is obviously an immediate benefit to the businesses in these areas, but the bid and the investment secured will also keep Scottish Borders high on the rural broadband agenda, and maintain the case for far greater roll-out of high speed broadband and creating a competitive environment for business to flourish.”

Mark Rowley, chair of Cranshaws, Ellemford and Longformacus Community Council said investment was vital for those in outlying areas who relied on the internet for both personal and business use but up until now haven’t been able to access any broadband service at all.

He said: “Our previous chairman, Dave Lochhead, put an extremely robust case together for this and so we are absolutely delighted that after months of work championing the project, the funding for this scheme will now come through.

“It is particularily important that this project should at last bring reliable broadband to many of the outlying farms, settlements and cottages that for so long have struggled with only dial-up or expensive and unreliable satellite and have been denied broadband. Lack of access to broadband has been a real hassle for the significant number of people in the Lammermuirs without it.

“We also hope that this will be a boost to a significant number of people who work from home or run businesses from the Lammermuirs and make it an even more attractive place for people to come to work, live or just visit.”

Project information will post on the community website 


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