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Solution to merging SQLite databases

  • 22 Jul 2021 08:47
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SQLite is one of the most popular database systems in the world today. In 2008 Adobe System moved to help sponsor the work of the SQLite database project, joining a new consortium alongside Mozilla and Symbian.

SQLite, an embedded SQL database engine with core source code in the public domain, has been built into Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) software. Installed in millions of devices and computers around the globe as part of other software packages like Firefox, in the last few years SQLite has also grown in the embedded and cell-phone software arena due to small memory footprint and its good performance.

SQLite Compare user interface mirrors familiar text oriented diff/merge utilities like WinMerge or Beyond Compare. It features a schema diff/merge view similar to WinMerge and an optimised data comparison engine, capable of comparing even huge tables with millions of rows.

In addition – SQLite Compare supports the generation of SQL change scripts by identifying the schema differences between two SQLite database files and constructing efficient SQL command list for migrating one database to the other.

SQLite Compare top features include:
* Fast in-memory schema comparisons.

* Fast data comparison engine with low memory requirements even when comparing huge tables.
* WinMerge-like schema difference view.
* SQL change script generation – useful for supporting database upgrades in existing installations (available only with a commercial license).

* Intuitive data difference view which enables the merging of rows between database tables, finding rows that match specific search criteria, and editing the contents of individual row fields.
Price: $49 personal / $99 commercial

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