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Social media bubble?

  • 26 Jul 2021 09:37
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YouJoin startup is where users can create a multi-media rich online profile for their career and work life related experiences, which is more presentable and visually appealing than a conventional CV and allows other people to get to know a real person in their career and work life settings,

‘The ‘Social Media Generation’ are unhappy with static CV-like profiles found on leading professional social network sites, which they find it quite boring. We also see that most graduate recruitment sites are essentially job advert boards that do not add value to a candidate’s employability. So we think that we should create a product which gives people the power to express and present themselves in a more interesting, modern and open way and to stand out from the crowd.’ say Samuel Hu who with partner Marius Matei (right) offers a semi-public profile allowing users to protect their privacy better

‘For users, public profiles mean that they have to bear the uncertain risks from exposing themselves in front the whole world, but recruiters rarely have the patience or time to register with a site just to see an online private profile of a candidate. A Semi-public Profile View that we have developed solves this problem nicely.’ claims Hu.

YouJoin allows users to have a ‘Semi-public profile view’ of their profile. Users set up a 4 digit PIN code, with their profile links which they can customise with their names, and then invite a targeted audience (such as interviewers, recruiters) to view their profile using a PIN code.

The trend is that the online profiles are becoming the brand name of an individual, therefore we encourage users to build customised profile links with their names to make it stand out. Meanwhile we have developed a ‘Semi-public profile view’ to ease the privacy risks which come with their conventional online publicity’

YouJoin has raised £15,000 from 3 seed investors for 1.21% of the business under the SEIS scheme, and the team borrowed money from parents and others to keep the business going. It is now looking for serious angel investors to bring   resources, connections, and money to enable us to grow.

"London’s emerging tech startup ecosystem, the tailor-made UK government backed SEIS and EIS scheme, and plus, we think it does not always have to be Silicon Valley to lead the internet innovation.  Technology makes the world flat, we want to prove that with the right environment and support, London can do it too.’ concludes Matei.

In the USA the new social offering on the block comes from  NetBase   founded in 2004 as a semantic search specialist, now numbers prestigious names as  Coca-Cola, Yum! Brands, Sony, Johnson & Johnson and IPG as clients and has just developed a dashboard Brand Live Pulse service for following brand activity across social channels and sharing relevant findings within organisations showing the clients who is talking about their brands, what they are saying, and the intensity with which they are saying it!

For brands, managing a presence across social media platforms has never been more challenging.  On average in March the 20 most social-aware brands had about 14.5 million Facebook fans and 1.9 million Twitter followers, according to recent findings from the social analytics firm Socialbakers 

Elsewhere it seems that Pinterest tops Twitter and Reddit for referral traffic, according to  Shareaholict,the button share system for different websites. Pinterest drives 7.10% of Web traffic sites receive, second only to Facebook (21.25%), way ahed of  Twitter, Reddit, StumbleUpon and LinkedIn. In  2014 Q1, the company drove 48.36% more traffic than it did at the end of 2013. 

This year, reports  Media Post, advertisers are expected to pump nearly $12 billion into social networks around the world, according to eMarketer. That is 25% more than was  spent on social last year.

But in a market flooded with social media marketing solutions and providers, the ad industry may be fast fast approaching the tipping point of inevitable decline and  popped bubble predicts Jeff Hirsch (left) president of CPXi with four signs  (below) that the social media bubble will burst.


  •  Rise of Comprehensive Media Platforms 
  • Reduction in Emerging Social Media technologies
  • Growing Concern over Information Collection Practices in the Social Media Space
  • Dipping Market Projections of YoY Growth


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