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Loyalty, Twitter, TweetDeck and Twirl

  • 08 Sep 2021 19:20
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He poses the question whether this a serious or fledgling Twitter problem, that there aren't enough reasons to come back to the service, or, is audience retention naturally lower because Twitter only offers one thing to do,  in contrast to MySpace and Facebook,  both with higher loyalty levels at the same reach.

Twitter's favor has significant reach, with significantly fewer features than the comparative sites, but the commercially acute point out  that loyalty matters a great deal if and when the company ever decides to monetise its user base.

You can't fault Twitter for not trying. Having got its search facility into place, it is now offering a beta version of TweetDeck, that is nothing like Mac's Dashboard alas - in and out in the blink of an eye, and the Deck also seems to be forgetting the appeal of 140 characters, brevity, speed, key notes approach.

Now even stuffy, classical, and excellent work tool Adobe has made the jump into the social scene, offering Twirl software (v0.9.2 one day after v0.9.1 in early April) a desktop client for such social software as Twittter! 

Gaberlunzie is praying someone, somewhere, can turn them all into biddable, easy to operate, and even better, easy to escape widgets.


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