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Lovely map tool LIS

  • 2021-08-01 01:36:47
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LIS  is a user-friendly, map-based tool that allows people to search for data relating to an area of land they have identified and wish to know more about.

The development of the LIS is the first joint venture of its kind, with staff from the FCS (Forestry Commission Scotland) and SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage) working together with staff from SEPA (Scottish Environment Protection Agency) who are funded by the European Commission LIFE+ programme to work on the Scotland’s Environment website project.

The practical uses for the LIS tool include being able to search for sites of special scientific interest, monuments and buildings, native woodlands and waterways. It is particularly useful to farmers, estate and land owners, estate agents, Scottish Rural Development Programme applicants or those seeking grants, and those involved with rural development contracts or felling licences.

It will also be of interest to a wider audience, such as walkers, schoolchildren, students and anyone interested in finding out about features in and around particular locations across Scotland, and here perhaps Historic Scotland could be lured into being a contributor.

The ability to view information against a backdrop of either Ordnance Survey data or aerial photography enables users to visualise sites and locations in relation to identifiable structures and buildings, roads and natural features. The practical nature of the LIS tool also allows users to define an area of interest either by simply placing a point on the map, or by drawing more detailed shapes to cover the area of interest.
Howard Davies, Forestry Commission Scotland's GIS Delivery manager, who has helped oversee the development of the LIS tool, said:  "It has been a major focus of work for us over the past 12 months so it is great to see it available on Scotland’s Environment website pages.

"The LIS will be extremely useful to land management professionals but it is also a fantastic tool for anyone with an interest in their local - and not so local – area.

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