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How to maintain your video projector?

  • Jun 16, 2022
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In order to always benefit from optimal image quality , and quite simply to keep your overhead projector in good condition, you will need to maintain it properly to keep it as clean as possible . We present here the best easy-to-maintain projectors, but also how to clean your overhead projector, from the filter to the lens.

Think economy mode

When you watch a movie with all lights off, you have to remember to switch to "economy" mode. This is a mode that exists on most overhead projectors, and which will reduce energy consumption and lower the power of the lamp.

It is not maintenance strictly speaking, but it makes it possible not to heat your device too much, to reduce the ventilation and thus to spare your video projector which will inevitably win in life expectancy. All the more so with a lower ventilation, the noise is less and the user comfort is then better.

Clean the projector filter

The air filter is an essential part of your device. It retains dust to avoid clogging the mechanical parts of the projector. It therefore requires maintenance which is done approximately every 50 to 100 hours depending on the model you own. Very often a message is displayed at startup when necessary, but it is best not to wait to clean the filter.

First, wait until the projector is completely cool to avoid an accident and unnecessary burns, as well as damage to the equipment. You will find a filter cover that you need to remove. You then discover the filter which is removable and which you will therefore remove in turn.

Several solutions are available to you and you can also combine them. The air bomb is with the manual blower, the most efficient and the most recommended. It will blow dry air which will effectively remove dust in all the corners where it can hide. You can finish cleaning with a small, slightly damp cloth if necessary. If you get the filter too wet, be sure to let it dry completely before putting it back in place.

If the filter is too damaged or too dirty, then it must be replaced quickly. A filter in poor condition will very often cause the equipment to overheat, which can cause major malfunctions. Never use your projector without the filter installed, dust will get inside and alter the quality of the image, so you will have a hard time cleaning the inside of your equipment.

Clean the overhead projector lens

You can again use an air dusting canister, or use a manual blow bulb. You will thus remove the dust which is not fixed and which has been installed for a short time.

With a cleaning spray for glasses, you will clean the lens over its entire surface using a small cloth or tissue. It can be stained by a projection of liquid, by cigarette smoke or simply by dust that has stagnated too long in one place.

Finally, we can wipe with a microfiber wipe which will remove the slightest trace and prevent the dust from reinstalling too quickly. If you don't have a cover to protect the lens, then I recommend cleaning it every week or so. With a cover, monthly maintenance is sufficient to maintain an always impeccable image.

Clean the overhead projector housing

Like all your furniture and appliances in the house, you should regularly dust your overhead projector. You can use a vacuum cleaner with the correct nozzle, or you can use a damp cloth. For this manipulation also, wait until it is completely cold so as not to burn yourself.

If you use a damp cloth, it should be very lightly. Water must not enter the interior of the overhead projector. If a small amount of water penetrates, it will then be necessary to let your overhead projector dry for 24 hours without touching it, to avoid an electric shock which could burn it completely.

If a lot of water gets inside due to improper handling, then you will need to contact after-sales service. This will not be taken into account by the warranty and you may have to pay for a repair, but it's always better than losing your overhead projector completely.

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