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How to choose your projector screen?

  • Jun 16, 2022
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The choice of a projector screen is sometimes taken lightly. However, this must be the result of careful consideration. Indeed, a video projector screen plays a major role in the brightness and contrast of the images emitted. Choosing a projection screen must therefore be considered. Our Expert team has tested the best video projector screens of 2021 for you in order to present you the best inexpensive model, the best quality / price ratio as well as the best of 2021.

How to choose your video projector screen?

Here are the criteria to consider when choosing your projector screen:

  • The type of screen: you will have the choice between roll-up models, fixed ones on a frame or even those on a tripod.
  • Canvas gain: to use your screen in the best possible conditions, it is advisable to choose a canvas with a gain of between 1 and 1.1. The lower the brightness of your projector, the greater the gain should be.
  • The edges: these are black in color and allow you to define the contours of the image.
  • Sound option if you want to enjoy your media like at the cinema.

Which video projector screen to choose?

Choosing a video projector screen should not be done at random. Several elements must be taken into account in order to make the best choice. To choose which type of screen to buy, it is important to take into consideration your expectations and needs, but also your budget devoted to this purchase.

The three models presented in this comparison are suitable for all budgets. Despite their price difference, all three have interesting advantages and features to make the most of its media.

Depending on your budget and the desired use, refer to the information in this comparison and make your choice!

What size projector screen to choose?

Choosing the size of your projection screen is a criterion that should not be neglected. But determining the right size is often complicated as choosing depends on various factors including individual preferences and the resolution of the projector. Indeed, if some people like to place themselves close to the screen, others on the contrary appreciate their viewing while being far away.

To enjoy your views, it is therefore important to take these criteria into account. In general, it is better to choose a screen of 2 meters for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. But as stated, this depends on individual preferences!

Which brand of projector screen to choose?

Today, several brands offer video projector screens. All the brands that have entered this market offer products with interesting characteristics and considerable advantages. Depending on the brand, prices can also go up quickly.

So which brand to choose when buying? In reality, it is entirely up to you and what you are looking for. Before buying any model, it is therefore important to read the information given for each product in order to know its different characteristics. This will allow you to choose a projector screen that meets your criteria and preferences.

Video projector screen or white wall?

If projections on a white wall are considered at the beginning, this is not the best in terms of image quality. Indeed, a wall can distort the projected image and the contrasts will be lower most of the time. With adjustments, this is also not possible on a white wall.

A projection screen is therefore more advantageous. The quality will be better in particular with a higher brightness and a deeper contrast.

To enjoy a better visual rendering and a better experience, it is therefore preferable to use a projection screen. In addition, today some models are sold at an affordable price.

How to clean a video projector screen?

The cleaning of its projection screen is not to be neglected. However, this step must be carried out with care at the risk of damaging it.

To clean the crankcase, use a damp cloth and soap based product.

To remove stains from the projection screen surface, use the same tools: a damp cloth and a product containing soap. Warning ! Use a soft, lint-free cloth that you wash regularly. Another important point: do not insist on the same place at the risk of leaving traces on your canvas.

Remember to regularly clean your projection screen for a device that is always clean!

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