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How to choose a video projector for your classroom?

  • Jun 16, 2022
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Capturing the attention of your audience and getting messages across is the whole difficulty when you speak to a class. Whatever the meeting, the number of people and the words that you want to convey, a visual support is always interesting. The video projector is a great tool to help you. More practical than the overhead projector and more modern, the technological advances of recent years have made it possible to offer very affordable and versatile models. However, before you start buying it, we will give you some advice so that you make the right choice.

What characteristics are important to project in a classroom?

Brightness: it has a very important role because it is the power of the lamp that will make it project a correct image even in a bright environment. We know how difficult it is sometimes to place oneself in total darkness in a classroom, sometimes it is even impossible. So be sure to orient yourself towards a model offering as many Lumens as possible.

Contrast: it also has a major role in the overall quality of the image. Especially when displaying text or images it is important that blacks and whites stand out well, so watch the contrast ratio.

The resolution: this is the number of pixels that your video projector will display on the projection surface. The more there are, the better. At a minimum it is advisable to start with a WXGA resolution of 1280 * 800 if you plan to project documents with text.

What are the other important points to consider when buying your projector?

Connectivity: it is important to know what will be the source of distribution of your images and documents: a computer? a smartphone? a tablet ? depending on this, different types of connections with or without wires must be available on the projector. The most practical being wifi and bluetooth because they allow you maximum mobility.

Clutter: if you move often, from school to school or from room to room, and you have to bring your video projector home every day, then choose a mini video projector . They are light, sometimes supplied with a carrying bag and remain quite efficient.

The projection size and distance: this is an important parameter depending on the configuration of your room. Indeed, the term of focal length determines the distance necessary to place the device. The smaller it is, the closer the video projector can be to the projection wall.

Lifetime: when you buy new equipment, you want it to last the longest. Depending on the technology chosen, expect to have to change your lamp. So if you don't want to have this kind of problem too often, opt for LED technology. LED lamps are a little less bright but they allow a much longer life than conventional lamps, and in addition they consume less energy!



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