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How to choose a right projector?

  • Jun 16, 2022
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Transform your living room into a movie theater or project professional slideshows? With a projector, the question is quickly resolved. But what should you definitely pay attention to when choosing such a device? We tell you everything you need to know!

What are you going to use the projector for?

A projector in your living room

Tonight, you transform your living room into a real cinema room ! How do you go about it? This of course depends on the configuration of your room: position  the projector more or less far for a projection on the big screen.

Where are you going to install  your projector ? No need for a small table in the middle of your room or right in front of the screen. On the contrary, it can be installed on one side or the other of the room, the light beam then being projected at an angle! The projector is therefore never in the way again . This feature is called “keystone correction” or “keystone”.

You only have a limited space, but want to project a big picture? We have the solution: a projector with a short focal length . This type of device projects a large image from a short distance. It is more suitable for presentations, but you can also easily use a Full HD short throw projector as a home cinema projector.

Did you know:  a Full HD projector combines very well with a game console and a computer. Choosing a 1080p model will give you the perfect HD picture for Blu-ray movies and game consoles. Want even better resolution? So, go for a UHD (4K) model . You will then benefit from an unprecedented level of detail. The dream of the cinephile.
Want to share the photo slideshow of your last vacation with the whole family? Connect the projector to your computer and project your best vacation shots. Or organize video game nights with friends. Thanks to the built- in  Wi-Fi on some projectors, you can share photos and videos from your smartphone or computer directly to the projector. So easy!

A projector in the office

As already mentioned, a video projector is also a good solution for your professional projections, for example PowerPoint presentations or Excel charts . Some models have a resolution that is ideal for professional use. Thanks to their high brightness, you don't have to dim all the lights in the meeting room to project your documents! Tip: Ultra-bright projectors run at 3000 lumens and above . Do you need a portable overhead projector that goes from room to room in the house? Are you a professional and regularly use your device on the move? There are light and compact models that are easy to move.

For a perfect projection

A  projection screen offers you the ideal surface for the reproduction of colors and light, without reflections. A screen is therefore essential to fully benefit from the definition of your projector . Light reflects less on a wall than on a projection screen.

What should you definitely pay attention to ? To project a clear image, a projector lamp must produce extremely strong light. And more if you want to equip a large room or a lighted room. The brightness is measured in ANSI lumens(light intensity). It's up to you to choose the intensity according to the surface of the room in which you are projecting. An intensity of 1800 ANSI lumens is ideal for a classic room.

The projector is under continuous stress throughout your movie night. It must therefore be spared to last as long as possible. Ventilation is essential, especially to cool the lamp before the device comes to a complete stop. The lifespan of the best lamps varies  from 4000 to 6000 hours for conventional lamps and from 20,000 to 50,000 hours for some models with LED lamps.FYI: With a 1000 lumen lamp designed for 2000 hours of operation, you can watch a thousand movies.

And the contrast ? It gives the difference in light intensity between the darkest and the lightest parts. Pure whites and deep blacks: Contrast is essential to enjoy the depth of images. With a projector, the contrast is even sharper if the image is projected onto a perfectly mat and flat surface, such as a projection screen. The average value of 1500: 1 gives you good contrast .

Transform your living room into a home cinema

If the projector is next to you during projection or if you mainly watch movies, consider choosing a low-decibel model . And the sound? Some projector models incorporate a speaker . Very practical as auxiliary speakers, they are not however comparable to  a sound bar or a 5.1 home cinema set (5 speakers + 1 subwoofer). These systems offer you total immersion in your captivating film or your exciting game !

Good to know

Another useful info! Do you know why the fan keeps running after the screening is over? To ensure maximum lamp life . Proper cooling of the lamp is essential. The fan does not stop until the lamp has returned to the correct temperature. Imperative: the video projector must never be switched off before the fan has stopped.

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