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Cheapest 4k Projector In 2021 (October Reviews)

As the industrial revolutions go, there’s a pattern of new technology innovations that they all come out very expensive, then they lose the price in the next few years. 4K projectors are not an exception. A 4K projector used to cost buyers over 10,000 dollars but since Texas instruments introduced their newest 4K DLP chip, the price has significantly dropped. As a consequence, cheap 4K projectors are being seen everywhere.

One of the reasons for the price drop might be called a trick. A projector is defined as 4K when it has the capability of projecting more than 8.3 million pixels in a frame. With this definition, a projector can be defined as 4K even if it doesn’t feature a real 4K chip.

We have walked ourselves through online stores and tried to find the cheapest 4K projectors. After that, we have put all of them into a test for image quality, performance, and specifications. Here are all the details.

Maria Lebsack By, Maria Lebsack
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Buying Guide

This guide is intended to provide the most important features of 4K projectors. Therefore, be sure to refer this information in this guide before deciding to buy your products and while looking around for details.


While HD resolution (1280x720) used to be enough for us, 4K is the next big thing. 4K features a projecting lense with at least 2160 x 3840 (8.3M) pixels for the height and the width, so the images should look roughly 9 times as detailed as they do on HD projectors.

There are also some variants of 4K resolution, in the aim of changing the aspect ratio. A popular resolution called 4K x 2K offers the number of pixels to be 3800 x 2200.

Ease of Use

In the old times, projectors used to only be used for big companies, conferences, etc. and they were not easy to install, set up, and operate in everyday life. Over time, the projectors are now easier to work with and often come with a very detailed instruction book. 

Hence, make sure that you know how to set up and use the projector before really buying it. Not knowing these things can lead to frustrations, damaging the product, or not being able to take full advantage of the device.


Of course, no one wants to buy a premium projector with a sky-high price tag made for professional cinema to install at home. If you don’t have enough research and understanding about the items, you might find yourselves in a situation when you spend lots of money on something you don’t need or don’t want.

A typical budget choice of premium 4K projector should cost over $2500 to under $6000. Under that price range, the products might be refurbished, low-quality finished, or easy to break; over that price range, you might be looking at professional industrial projectors, which you’re not likely to need.

Overall, the purpose is to find the projector with all the features you want and the money you have.


Most projectors aren’t meant to be moved around like your phones, or your laptops. However, it might come to situations when you have to carry your projector to your office for a presentation, to a friend’s house for a movie or game night. In those cases, you need durability.

Projectors’ durability depends on the materials that made the projectors’ shells and how the lenses are manufactured. To ensure your projector’s durability, you might want to look for a projector made of non-rust metals and hard plastics. Next, you should choose products from a respected brand because respected brands have more resources to focus on stabilizing and protecting the lenses from unexpected using activities.


The lifespan of a projector is nothing more than the lifespan of the lamp. When the lamp goes bad, the projector won’t be lasting; while the lamp is still good, the projector will work. The lamps are the most important part in a projector; therefore, they are difficult and expensive to replace.

An average lamp should be able to last more than 1500 hours to over 2000 hours. However, the best projector can last up to 5000 hours or even 10000 hours to professional ones.


1. What is a 4K projector?

The most widely known definition about 4K projectors is the capability of producing 3840x2160 resolution, which is roughly 8.3 million pixels per image. The number of pixels is 4 times as high as the number of pixels a 1080p projector is capable of, and 9 times as high as the number produced by an HD projector. The 4K projectors allow you to play 4K content, of course, but also support you to upscale any content from a lower resolution to native 4K.

2. What is a 4K projector screen?

The screen is unlike a computer’s screen; it is a thin sheet made of fabric or paper to reflect the lights coming off the projectors. The screens can be premium, and the more money you spend on the screen, the better reflection you’re gonna get. The projector screen is usually purchased separately, but some brands are generous enough to include a projector screen within the projector’s box.

3. Is a 4K projector worth the money?

Yes. Think about a new phone, a new laptop, or new TV. The higher resolution guarantees you a whole new experience in watching movies, playing games, and short latency. 4K content is becoming more popular and more popular every day and the future of content creators. Therefore, purchasing a 4K projector at the time is a smart move for movie lovers.

4. Why are 4K projectors so expensive?

4K projectors’ prices are being so high at the moment, because of the equipment that are hard to make, maintain, and repair. However, you can expect the price to go lower in the future, when many brands are jumping into the market for widening the supply and technological advances to ease the making process.

5. What are the best projectors for home theaters?

A projector with at least Full HD native resolution should be good for home theaters. However, a good contrast ratio, brightness, HDR and other color options or even 3D capability should be preferred.

6. What type of content do 4K projectors take?

A 4K projector would only work with 4K content. However, due to the lack of native 4K content in the world, the brands are including in every 4K projector a combination of hardware and software called the upscaler, to enhance the image from a 480p or HD resolution to native 4K, so as to work with 4K projectors.

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Maria Lebsack By, Maria Lebsack
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