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Best Projector Under 500 Of 2021 - Ultimate Guide

Thanks to the rising affordability of projectors, presentations at conference, studying activities at school or even entertainment at home are now becoming more interesting. Projectors are widely used these days in many fields of life. If you want to have an immersive feeling when watching football, you should buy a projector with high image quality. However, sometimes projectors at that quality cost more than your budget. In our opinion, a projecting costing not more than $500 is a choice for most of us. But finding the best ones under $500 can be challenging when there are a variety of projecting devices being offered. Spend some time reading our following guides, you will find it easier to select a right projector under 500 dollars.

Not everyone is tech-savvy and no problem! Our prime experts are here to share with you the necessary information collected from 5,358 reviews in 2021 on the Internet. As a result, you will be getting the Top 9 Best projector under 500 list below. They all belong to popular brands such as: Epson, BenQ, Optoma, ViewSonic Corporation, Anker.

Maybelle McGlynn By, Maybelle McGlynn
  • HDMI + USB POWER: Support for HDMI extender and USB power supply; connect to Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Switch, PS4 or set top box for a big-screen entertainment experience
  • MORE IMAGE DEPTH: Dynamic Black technology provides more depth to the image by smoothing lamp output to create a high contrast ratio (500, 000: 1); bright scenes appear clear while dark scenes remain detailed
  • Dynamic contrast ratio — up to 16,000:1 for rich detail in dark scenes
  • Ultra bright images — 3,300 lumens of color and white brightness deliver outstanding-quality images in a variety of lighting conditions (2)
  • Android 8.1: Download and stream YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more straight to Capsule Max mini projector. Use the Nebula Connect app on your phone to control Netflix
  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Download and use the apps directly through Capsule Max movie projector to view copyrighted content from these providers. Chromecast is not supported
  • TAKING VIDEO GAMES TO THE BIG SCREEN: The short throw projection produces big 100" Images from just 3 meters for total gaming immersion
  • 1080P RESOLUTION: 1080p Full HD image quality with 3500 ANSI lumen & 10, 000: 1 contrast ratio for ultimate gaming experiences in well-lit environment
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Supports most media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices with input options such as Dual 3D ready HDMI, Powered USB A, and more
  • REDUCED 16MS INPUT LATENCY: Ideal for intense action-packed gaming, this projector delivers smooth images without delay
  • Fast, easy setup with Epson — get up and running in no time with easy image adjustments and convenient control. Pixel Number:786,432 dots (1024 x 768) x 3
  • XGA resolution (1024 x 768) — 1.5x more resolution than SVGA for projecting text-heavy presentations with greater detail.
  • EASY SETUP AND ALIGNMENT: Ergonomic retractable foot and auto vertical keystone for easy setup and fast image alignment.
  • BRILLIANT IMAGE QUALITY: 4000 ANSI Lumens high brightness and 20000:1 contrast deliver stunning display presentations
  • SVGA resolution (800 x 600), ideal for projecting everyday presentations and graphics; Projected distance 30 inch 350 inch (0.88 10.44 m); PC and Mac compatible. iProjection App Compatible-Wirelessly project from your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or AndroidTM mobile device
  • Power Supply Voltage 100 ? 240 V ?10 percentage, 50/60 Hertz. Rated Voltage 50/60 Hertz. Power Consumption ECO mode 211 W. Normal mode 296 W; Temperature: 41 degree to 95 degree F (5 degree to 35 degree C)
  • Award-winning service and support — standard 1-year limited warranty, full-unit replacement, along with free technical phone support for the life of the product
  • True 3-Chip 3LCD technology — displays 100% of the RGB color signal for every frame, providing outstanding color accuracy while maintaining excellent color brightness, without any distracting “rainbowing” or “color brightness” issues seen with other projection technologies
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Buying guides

Quality of a projector can be seen via some main features such as  resolution, contrast ratio, throw. After looking at hundreds of projectors under $500 and their specs, we suggest that the following features of projectors should be checked while a projector at that price is under your search.

1. Resolution

Resolution of a projector is the main factor that decides in which quality the projected images are like. Higher resolutions mean that more pixels are used to create the image resulting in a crisper and cleaner image. Each resolution comes with a separate aspect ratio. For example, XGA (1024x768 pixels, 4:3 aspect ratio), WXGA (1280x800 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio) and HD (1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio). It is suggested that you should buy a model with the minimum resolution of 480p. If less than that, the image or video will look blurry and not clean.

2. Brightness

Brightness also plays an important role in displaying images, videos, texts, graphs, and etc. The higher lumen rating the projector has, the brighter result is projected.

Ambient light of the space you want to install the projector will affect the clarity of the image, so choose one with the highest lumens in that range of price.

3. Contrast ratio

When you are watching a football or baseball game via a projector, if the contrast ratio of your projector is not good enough, the projection of shadows and colors on the screen will be poor and this will lower your immersive level into the game.  A good amount of contrast allows you to see detail, particularly when dealing with high-resolution images and videos.

4. Lens zoom

If the above features decide how clear, crisp and clean the projected result is, lens zoom is a key feature when you want to adjust the imagery sizes. When a projector has a good lens zoom, you don’t have to adjust the distance of the rest of the system. You can simply zoom in to the video depending on how much you need to. Good lens zoom usually goes along with high cost, choose a model with suitable lens zoom will keep your expense stay within the budget of $500.

5. Multiple connectivity options

In the market, sellers offer projectors with a number of connecting methods such as HDMI port, VGA, RCA, wireless, Bluetooth, and USB. Consider the main input source you want to project to find a suitable one for your purpose. If your budget allows, choose one with more than one signal receiving ways.


Understanding features of a projector will greatly help you in choosing an appropriate model for your intended purposes. Hope that experiences shared in this article will take you closer to the best projectors pricing under $500. Below are some of our suggested projectors, the decision is yours.

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