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Best Projector For Bedroom 2022: 5 Top Options

After spending hours of carefully considering 1,057 reviews of customers on the Internet, we have come up with the list of Best projector for bedroom. Check out the Best projector for bedroom of 2022 below to find out your best choice. All products selected from major brands as: Xgimi, Qkk, Epson, , Optoma.

One of the reasons why bedroom projectors are becoming more and more popular is that it gives you a great experience with exciting programs in your own room. On the market today, there are many bedroom projectors lines with different models and prices. This will make your purchase more diverse, which makes it even easier to buy an item. 

Of course, bedroom projectors and normal projectors have distinct features because the space in which they are placed is not the same. Thus, there will be many factors to consider before deciding which device is suitable for the closed space of your bedroom.

The main factors affecting the quality of viewing include the brightness, resolutions, ratios, and especially the price of the projector. With the typical design for the bedroom of this projector line, obviously, you will have to invest a certain amount in the best projectors for the bedroom. Since you pay for your new buddy, you should do some things related to your projector like do the measurement with your bedroom. It is necessary because your purchase will be more accurate and reasonable.

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In our list of products, the BenQ MW535A is considered to be a mid-range product, which is affordable for most types of money. Although the price is not as high as some other projectors, this machine still maintains the superior features of a best projector for bedroom.

One of the projector external factors that affect the quality of the projected image is the color of the paint on the bedroom wall. Not every bedroom has a perfect white tinted wall for projecting images. Understanding that, the BenQ MW535A was introduced to solve this problem. This projector is equipped with color adjustment so you won't have to worry about color obstructions affecting image quality.

In addition, not except day or night, the image quality of the projector is always high-quality and sharp. Of course, the quality will be optimized when you turn off the lights, because the light and the image will be reflected in the best way.

Overall, this projector is quite reliable and worth the money not only because of its anhr-shaped quality but also the durability of the lamp. It offers a set of bulbs that can last for 15,000 hours without fear of flicker or weakened images.

Optoma GT5600 is listed in the top list of the best bedroom projectors because of the utilities it brings to consumers.

Technically, the projector is designed with a high resolution 1080p. Although it is not a high contrast projector like the Epson Pro above, its image quality is up to standard to give you a great video experience with a ratio of 20000: 1. In addition, the 100 inch size of the projection will not disappoint.

More specifically, the device is set up to connect to USB, making it easy to connect to your computer or smartphone. This makes it easy to diversify your favorite programs.

In terms of features, it is packed with features that stand out and impress every user. As described, it offers the user a standard projection screen, not only that, it also helps you enjoy moments of great 3D viewing.

With a detailed and easy-to-understand manual included, you'll quickly be able to set up and install its main functions. Along with the development of technology integrated with it, the Optoma GT5600 gives you the flexibility to automatically adjust the position and color of your book on the wall.

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Buying Guide

1. Brightness

Because the bedroom is always closed, there is not as much light as the living room or outdoors. So you don't have to search for the brightest projector. The standard projector for the bedroom just needs the right amount of brightness. The most suitable brightness for a bedroom is between 2000 and 2500 lumens.

If a projector for an outdoor party requires the highest brightness, then in the bedroom it is easier for you because the brightness only needs to be qualified. Another reason why bedroom projectors don't need to be brightest is because the bedroom is a place for you to rest and relax. So if the projector is too bright, your eyes will be affected, sometimes leading to stress and poor sleep.

2. Screen Size

Before choosing a projector screen size, you need to take a measurement of your bedroom. If your bedroom is really large, then think of a large screen over 170 inches. But more often than not, the screen for the bedroom will be smaller.

According to experts, the diagonal size from 15 to 170 inches will fit the space of a common bedroom with an average size. Also like brightness, if the screen is over the standard size for your bedroom it will cause glare and eye strain. 

Along with choosing the right brightness and size, positioning the projector screen in the bedroom is also quite important. Whether you place the device far or near will affect the quality of your viewing. We recommend that you keep your eye around 170 to 200 inches for best.

3. Portability

It makes sense to choose a mini projector for the bedroom instead of a conventional large projector. Because it's really not necessary. Firstly, you do not need too much capacity as well as large specifications for the bedroom. The next reason is that your bedroom should be tidy because it is not too big. Choosing a portable or mini device makes it easy to disassemble and put away.

4. Remote Function

The projectors that come with a remote control will be more convenient for you to adjust it. Consider projectors with controls so your video viewing experience won't be interrupted.


1. Are mini projectors worth buying?

Over time, the technology will continue to develop, and smaller options will do better at offering high-quality images on a larger screen. But if the projection screen is smaller and you want the option of carrying it around for viewing on a mobile device then a mini projector may still be a compelling option.

2. Does using a projector in the bedroom consume a lot of electricity?

Typically, the amount of electricity the projector uses range from 150 to 800 watts per hour, with an average of 300. Naturally, the more frequently you use the projector, the more electricity it consumes.

3. Is it good to use the projector regularly?

You can absolutely use the projector to watch every day. It won't do any harm to the projector and it can deliver a better overall TV viewing experience.


As we all know, having a space to rest and relax after a hard-working day is important for everyone. And it will be even more wonderful if you can enjoy your favorite shows on a large screen in your  bedroom. Thus, investing in the best projector for bedroom also indicates that you are intending to enhance your quality of life.

As mentioned above, each projector will have different characteristics and features. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to consider carefully the things to keep in mind before buying a bedroom projector. Hopefully this article will be a useful support for you when deciding to do a purchase.

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