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Best projector brands in 2021

  • Jun 15, 2022
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With the exception of famous brands like Epson, Optoma or BenQ, other projector brands are available on the market. All present devices with interesting advantages and allowing their users to make the most of their viewing. Here is an overview of the major brands of video projectors currently available.

1. Epson Projector

Founded in 1975, Epson is a famous brand belonging to the Seiko group. In terms of video projectors, the number 1 Epson video projectors ! In addition, unlike its competitors, Epson offers LCD projectors. The manufacturer is also the owner of the 3LCD technology.

The range launched by this brand is complete and interesting: from entry-level to high-end, the video projectors offered by Epson meet all expectations and all budgets.

In the video projector market, Epson is therefore a fairly well placed brand. It is one of the favorite brands of users and as indicated beforehand, its complete range covers all budgets. Thus, small and large budgets can equip themselves with an Epson projector.

Epson is therefore a very good brand which, thanks to its wide range of video projectors, can meet all expectations and all budgets. Its devices are qualitative; a quality due to the investments made by the brand in research and development.

Today, Epson has become a benchmark for video projectors. The brand offers quality and efficient products, regardless of the budget you spend for your device.

2. BenQ Projector

Another famous brand: Benq. The latter is a brand offering exceptional. The BenQ projectors are performance and meet all expectations.

Specializing in the manufacture of digital products, BenQ is a Taiwanese company that has a worldwide reputation for the quality of its products.

Regarding its video projectors, BenQ is a brand offering reliable and solid models. These are also powerful and if some are equipped with a compatibility with 3D, others are provided with many ports allowing to connect multiple devices (USB, HDMI…). With BenQ projectors, it is therefore possible to connect all kinds of peripherals. Thanks to these connection possibilities, BenQ projectors are therefore ideal for those playing video games, for example.

When it comes to prices, BenQ projectors meet all budgets. Indeed, BenQ applies a variety of prices very appreciated and allowing to meet all the purses. In terms of performance, video projectors meet all consumer expectations.

Over the years, BenQ has carved out a place for itself among the brands specializing in digital products. Today, it is a brand appreciated for the quality of its products, but also for the good quality / price ratio it offers.

3. Acer Projector

Like BenQ, Acer is a Taiwanese brand. Very famous and renowned for its computers, Acer was born in 1976 and is currently the fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world.

Specialized in the design of computer products, Acer video projectors offer very interesting characteristics. Acer products are particularly renowned for their strength and performance. In addition, Acer video projectors are suitable for all needs: from gaming models, to home cinema or even office models, Acer video projectors meet all expectations.

In addition to models that meet all needs, Acer also offers prices to suit all budgets. Indeed, from mini-projectors to high-end devices, Acer devices are powerful and will satisfy everyone!

The Acer brand is therefore an interesting brand with major advantages: its products are at the same time robust, design and interesting in terms of price. Its video projectors are efficient and reliable. They can therefore be used over time.

Today, Acer is a brand offering products suitable for both professionals and individuals. Since the 2000s, the brand has grown more and more and its range of video projectors can meet all the demands of the public.

4. Optoma Projector

Optoma is another company specializing in the manufacture of video projectors. Now famous, Optoma is a brand that offers several kinds of video projectors suitable for individuals and professionals. In the range, you will therefore find products to suit all budgets: small or even large purses, you will inevitably find the product that suits you!

Optoma is also the leading supplier of DLP projectors in the USA. The brand also offers models suitable for all uses such as home cinema.

On some Optoma projectors, a color wheel is also installed, which ensures very good image quality.

Optoma is today a famous brand which offers consumers video projectors combining performance, quality and robustness. Reliable, the brand's devices can be used over the long term. These devices also ensure visual and sound quality in order to satisfy each user as much as possible.

At present, Optoma is a recognized brand whose video projectors are increasingly popular. Among its range, the brand offers products suitable for all budgets to meet the demands of all projector users.

With a video projector, you won't be disappointed. Reliability and quality are definitely there!

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