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Top 5 Best Buy 121 Of 2021 Reviews

To assist you in choosing your Best buy 121 process, our experts tested over 1,231 reviews in December, 2021 to create the TOP products below. This list discusses the most popular brands, consisting of brands: Honeywell, Germguardian, Compass home, Blueair.

Steven Levy By, Steven Levy
  • ✔ Automatic Filtration Mode: Auto mode enables infrared sensor to automatically adjust fan speed from low, med, and high depending on the surrounding air quality while also changing the color of the LED indicator light to notify you of sudden changes
  • ✔ Multi-Stage Filtration: Using high quality H13 True HEPA filter, remove dust particles, odors, smoke, pollen, pet dander, and hair particles from your personal space
  • Activated carbon filter removes common odors caused by smoke, pets, cooking, dorm room smells and gases (VOCs) as well as smoke caused by wildfires.
  • Quiet operation enabled by advanced filters that allow for a higher air flow at a lower noise level
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Cost of replacement filters

In general, pleated filters should be replaced every 6-12 months and activated carbon filters every 3 months. Many of the filters we have tested come with an indicator light to let you know when it is time to replace or clean them. They come in a variety of prices: We found them ranging from $20 to over $200 for large purifiers. The cost of filters with odor-removing carbon could be as high as $50.


A purifier's performance is not the only thing that matters, but how easily you are able to live without it. The machines need to always be in operation so it is important that they are quiet. Referring to the refrigerator example, 50 decibels equals 50. On the model's packaging, or on their website, you may find information about how decibels it operates. Also, check out our air purifier ratings. These rating are determined based upon the level of noise at different speeds.

Additional tips to minimize noise: Keep the purifier on the high setting when not using it, then turn the fan down to the lowest setting when in close proximity. An air purifier can be certified to clean more area, so even at the lowest speed it will filter more.

Room size

AHAM Verifide seals are a sign that an air purifier is capable of handling the room dimensions indicated on it. But be skeptical about manufacturer claims. There are many purifiers out there that do not fit the advertised room size. Check out our ratings to find the room dimensions we recommend for each model, based upon our tests. You might also consider going up in size: Many of the models suitable for large rooms (350 sq. ft. and greater) work great at slower speeds (which is good for sleeping or watching TV).


There are several labels to be aware of on the packaging. The Energy Star Logo is the first. In order to function effectively, purifiers should be able to operate continuously. It is important that you consider energy costs when purchasing air purifiers. Energy Star purifiers can be 40 percent more efficient than the standard model.


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1. Do air purifiers work Covid?

Indoor air pollution can be reduced by HVAC filters and portable air cleaners. Portable air filters and HVAC filters by themselves are insufficient to protect against the COVID-19 virus.

2. How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

An air purifier can purify the majority of the air within a room in as little as 45 minutes. It will usually do this within 3 to 4 hours. The speed at which the purifier can clean your air will depend on several factors, including the power settings, filters and the ACH (rate per hour of air change) of the purifier.

3. Should you leave your air purifier on all night?

Even though it's not recommended to turn your purifier off constantly, there may be instances when you need it.

4. Are air purifiers a waste of money?

It's not unusual to wonder if air purifiers are a waste. According to the EPA they are a great way to improve your Kearney home's indoor air quality.

5. How much should you spend on an air purifier?

You can expect to pay at least $200 for a portable unit. High-quality models with large purification areas can cost as much as $700. Additional costs for replacement filters range from $20 to $200. Some models have washable filters. Experts recommend running purifiers 24 hours a day.

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